Keep your brand international. Make your content local.

Level up your localization game with your
audience at every single touchpoint

As you may know, Spain is a really touristic country. We get millions and millions of visitors every year, everywhere.

From our experience, we have developed a unique skill to identify tourists by how they look, what they do, what time they eat or even where they go to.

With Textonality, you won’t be (or feel like) a tourist ever again.

You’ll still be international and, at the same time, your brand will (textually) dress like a local. You will eat lunch at the same time as we do. You will sleep the siesta and speak Spanish. Real Spanish, with inside jokes, slang and all it takes to be a local.

Start calling Spain your “home”

Take your brand to the Spanish way of life and
make sure you don’t become a meme

Spanish Marketing Copywriting

Make your brand relevant for a specific (Spanish) audience. Engage with them, show them how you adapt your content and product for them, share your values and give them reasons to buy from you.

Product descriptionFeatures, emotion, SEO and more.
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Website copyMake people go from audience to customer.
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Email MarketingBe the one that stands out in every inbox.
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Push notificationsPop up and say hi to your people.
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Social AdsPerform no matter the platform.
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Tag linesJust localize it and have it your way.
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Blog articles (SEO)Yes, Google can be your friend.
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Tone of Voice documentThe “Spanish Bible” for your brand.
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Marketing campaignsMake it local, make it real, make it cool.
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Video ScriptsThe right words on the right mouth.
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About Product description services

Go beyond the plain “product description” and add SEO, emotion, and a local perspective to the important information to boost your e-commerce.

About Website copy services

From getting new leads to selling products and services; from sharing your vision to introducing your team members. Your website is your best way to introduce your brand in Spain.

About Push notifications services

Do you know anyone who doesn’t have a smartphone? Catch your audience’s attention and make them go to your app, engage with you and buy.

About Social ads services

Youtube, Google, Facebook, Instagram, Tik-Tok and more. The competition in the social ad space is real and only speaking directly to them will make the investment profitable.

About Tag lines services

A few words can mean the world and the big players know it: Coca-Cola, Airbnb or Apple localize their tag lines to say the same concept but with different words.

About Blog articles (SEO) services

Make Google like you, make your readers love you. This is my strategy when writing long-form articles for blogs, getting into the first results in Google naturally.

About Tone of Voice services

Everything in one place. Having a “ToV” document will give you an overview of your brand personality and communication, making it easy to work in new formats and onboard new team members.

About Marketing campaigns services

Black Friday, Christmas, Summer time, Back to School… Some months are busier than others, and you’ll need to nail it, since a big % of the sales depends on those days. These campaigns are also perfect for some local, specific content.

About Video Scripts services

Humans prefer reading over watching. When creating a script, there is more to it than just words: the context, the rhythm and the key message behind it. For example, in Spanish we usually need more words than in English.

Spanish UX Writing

Develop a unique tone of voice, use the expressions and words your audience is using to give them the best experience and make them feel at home at your app or website. 

Web contentAll in with your website and main pages.
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App contentApp-eal your audience on their smartphones.
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UX copy for specific pages Never get lost in your communications again.
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Product copyBe an open book for your user.
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Spanish GlossaryWho needs a Cambridge Dictionary?
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Transactional contentA complete map to your success in Spain.
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About Web content services

Have you heard about the importance being in the details? Guide your users through the website and help them interact with it. This includes CTAs, microcopy, onboarding texts, instructions and more.

About App content services

Writing content for an app is different. You need to be brief, branded, usable and relevant for your local audience while still selling and engaging.

About UX copy for specific pages services

From an error message to a “thank you page”, a checkout or a confirmation order, localize your UX writing to make your user feels safe and good as they buy from you.

About Product copy services

For complex products, local UX writing is needed. Make sure your user understands every step of the buying process, from providing personal information (ID, address, card number and more) to completing the checkout. This is a really sensitive part, so you need to do it right.

About Spanish Glossary services

If you work on a big project, you’ll find yourself repeating the same words and structures again and again. With a Spanish Glossary, you’ll be able to be more agile and faster with your localization, saving you a lot of time and money.

About Transactional content services

From emails to SMSs and push notifications, there are a lot of points of contact between a company and a user. To stay relevant, it is necessary to be clear, concise, useful, consistent and conversational.

Spanish Transcreation & Localization

You may have a lot of content published in English.

Let’s translate adapt those words into ideas to the Spanish audience, creating new concepts that match both your core and values, and what the Spanish market is looking for.

All the previous

Includes all the previous content: instead of creating it from scratch, we’ll work from the English source.

Quality control
Every brand has endless touchpoints with their audience, customers and different stakeholders.

I’ll make sure every communication meets the highest standards, from in-house translations to agency work.

I’ll also check and ensure the content is relevant to the target audience, grammatically and stylistically correct, culturally appropriate and adheres to the compliance requirements.

My Tech Dream Team

I play with these All-Star tools for different games. 

Ready to discover
your voice in Spain?

Choose the plan that best fits your needs
The “solo” project

Hola and Adiós

You have a big project that can’t be handled in-house, you are looking for options besides your “to-go agency” or you have a specific need for your launch or a campaign in Spain.

Team Up

We are equipo

You want me on your team to work together on a regular basis. I’ll become your undercover Spanish copywriter and collaborate closely with your team and relevant stakeholders. 

Your “Spanish to go”

Call me if you need

You already have a team (in-house or an external agency) but you need fresh ideas or extra strength during specific periods of the year (Winter Sales, Black Friday) or for local campaigns in Spain.