Meet the
personality behind

In Spain, we are different.

We play at our own time

Lunch is never before 14:00 and dinner is always after 21:30. We also take our nap time (siesta) really seriously.  

We love local references

We know The Beatles, Steven Spielberg and Michael Jordan. We love Rosalía, Pedro Almodóvar and Andrés Iniesta.

Don’t joke around food

Make sure you save two hours for lunch and seven hours to discuss what the exact ingredients for paella are.

English is tricky for us

We prefer to read, speak and listen in Spanish. This includes books, news, websites, music, movies and TV shows. 

To stand out and promote your brand in this very unique market,
you have to do things differently.
My name is Ricky and

I help international brands to develop a unique Spanish personality and tone of voice.

Create new content and localize the existing one to connect with this very different audience.
In-house & Freelancer

The power of the
“One Person Agency”

A combo of the team spirit of an in-house, the solid structure and organization of an agency and the flexibility and direct contact of a freelancer.

With Textonality® I bring you the best of the all worlds. And all adapted to your very own project.

Extra ball: I’ve worked in-house (for Spanish and foreign companies), with agencies and as a freelancer.

In-house & Freelancer
Creativity & Organization

Creativity moves the world, organization guides it in the best way

Think about a lion: you want to see it from up close, but never close enough that it will actually bite you.

The same thing happens with creativity: if you get too close, you might get hurt.

I go through the whole creative process myself, so all you see is an organized and structured document with everything you need. 

Extra ball: no lion was harmed to write this copy, guaranteed.

Marketing & Branding

Make it relevant, make it profitable

There is this old war between marketing (sell as much as possible) and branding (more about positioning in people’s minds).

I’ve been on both sides and will always encourage both, so you get sales while building a strong brand.

Extra ball: depending on the format, the media, or the campaign goal, we can focus more on one aspect without forgetting the other one.

Strategist & Executor

The thinking before the writing

Most copywriters will take a brief, do the research and then write the content. But if you want to adapt your brand to the Spanish market, this is not going to be enough.

I like to go the extra mile and give you ideas and guidance on what, how and to whom you should communicate.

Extra ball: I started out my career as more of an executor and have been mastering the art of strategy on site working directly with different clients and agencies.

Transcreator & Copywriter

Don’t just translate: adapt ideas and strategies

Communicating in Spain is more than just translating: it is understanding the context, knowing your audience and adapting to or creating specific content for them

As a transcreator, I do that from an English source; as a copywriter, I do it from scratch. 

Two for the price of one.

Extra ball: Transcreator, Copywriter, Strategist, Project Manager, Account Manager… this is what a “One Person Agency” can offer you. 

Student & Teacher

Where the learning never ever ends

I graduated in Journalism and Advertising (yes, two degrees) in 2014. Since then, I haven’t stop studying: from Google courses to business schools, from individual mentors to private communities, from books to podcast.

In 2020, I crossed the bridge and started teaching in a copywriting school and mentoring small groups. This has become one of my favourite things to do

Extra ball: I even created my own online course, “Email Marketing Warriors” and sold out all the spots at the first edition with an excellent rate from the students.

Spanish & International

Act locally, think globally

I like to think that I’m a sort of spy in Spain, a writer on the ground.

I was born in Spain, I eat Spanish food, I read the Spanish news and watch the Spanish shows.

And I use all this to give you the best and most localized content.

Extra ball: I currently live in Spain, but before that I’ve lived in places like South Africa, North Macedonia and South Korea. I also travel a lot.

Me & You

Become your best "you"

I have my style and tone of voice. You have yours. And every brand has a different one.

Here you won’t recognize my style in your copy (unless you want to): we’ll find your own Spanish personality (or develop one if you don’t have it) to be authentic, unique and relevant.

Extra ball: Creating your own Spanish personality is an exciting project that goes beyond marketing: it will boost any touchpoints between your company and your Spanish audience.

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The extra extra ball.docx

Let’s get physical personal

Picture me working at my home-office, two screens, Spotify playing “Los Delinqüentes” and my window wide open, fighting the usual Valencian heat. I’m writing this in a Google Docs in the morning, my creative time of the day. The editing comes later.

Getting here has been a pretty fun journey and whenever I look back, I can see how every dot is connected (I learned this concept from Steve Jobs and it makes a lot of sense).

From studying Journalism to writing to enrolling into Advertising to creating. From the shitty jobs that paid my bills at the beginning to the internships I did at the radio, newspapers and agencies. From Macedonia and South Korea (where I worked with kids while freelancing for the first time) to South Africa, where I got my first big opportunity as a Content Manager with a permanent contract.

With Textonality®, it makes sense that my parents named me Ricardo (like my father and grandfather), but my classmates called me Ricky since I was six. Or that I prioritize my freedom over anything else. And of course, it makes sense now that I always have new projects, ideas, and travels in my pipeline.

All of these facts (and many more) made the business you are looking at.

If you got to the end of this page, you are only a few steps away from being the next “dot” on my way.

See you in Valencia Barcelona Madrid Mallorca Sevilla Bilbao