Be relevant
in Spain

Get your brand to Spain beyond words. Stay away from simple translations. Instead, adapt your concepts, ideas and strategy in a way that feels natural to your brand and to the country. 

Meet your Spanish undercover Copywriter


My name is Ricky and I had to travel the world and live abroad only to find out the obvious: Spain is different.

Very different.

What might work in other markets doesn’t work here. Some brands turned into a meme because they didn’t take this into account.

If your international brand is (or is planning to land soon) in Spain, you should keep this in mind.

Learn more about me and get your brand Spain-ready.

How I do it

Make your audience call you “amigo”

No matter if your brand is already in Spain or if you’re a newcomer, our goal here is to connect with your audience in a local, authentic and relevant way, so you won’t look like a stranger anymore.

From Spanish glossaries to your UX writing, from SEO blog articles to sales pages, from emails to ads and from translation to creation. Set up your unique Spanish personality and get ready for Spain.

Over the years I’ve worked with agencies, in-house and as a freelancer. This led me to develop a productive, organized and easy-to-use work system that combines the creativity a copy needs with the organization every project needs.

Spain is closer than you think

Cross the bridge and say “hola”. You are one click away of having your Spanish undercover copywriter.